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Are Online Casinos Safe to Play?

Casinos in New Zealand adhere to a gaming environment that is fair, secure, and safe. The casinos have been licensed, are regulated, and have a third-party certification. These casinos are audited by independent testing agencies that require their conduct is both lawful and transparent. The certification is available to the players monthly and assures them the payout rates are fair and the casino is safe.

The leading developers in the world design the software used by online casinos. The individual casino has no control over any game’s outcome and 100 percent randomness has been guaranteed by the developers. This assures fair and safe play within the New Zealand online casinos. They offer support for problem gamblers, verify age when a new account is opened, and adhere to strict gambling policies.

Online casinos store all personal information securely. This information will only be released if required by a governing authority or for the detection of fraud. The players are encouraged to use strong passwords to ensure the safety of their accounts. The casinos use secure facilities for playing and banking to maintain the safety of information. They additionally use secure digital encryption so online financial transactions are protected. The online casinos in New Zealand are definitely secure.

Are Online Casinos Legal in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a long history of gambling, especially paired with horse racing, a sport introduced in the mid-1800's. Today, only people 20 years of age or older are permitted into casinos. Casinos must be specially licensed by the Gambling Commission. Any Kiwi aged 18 and over may play the lottery, purchase scratch cards, or bet on sports.

Online casinos are legal in New Zealand as long as the casino itself is not based in New Zealand and overseas advertising for these casinos is banned. Kiwis can legally deposit and win money with online casinos and play all of the popular online betting games such as poker, keno, and craps. New Zealanders are able to keep all of their winnings on these games as they are subjected to any type of income tax.

More than 80% of Kiwis of age legally place bets and play in online casinos. It is an enjoyable hobby and can even be a profitable pastime because most overseas casinos allow betting and win to be paid out in New Zealand dollars. This means no loss of winnings associated with exchange rate fees.

How to know an online casino is legit?

The proper way to know that online casinos are legit is to check both their certificates and the majority of reviews. You can tell which certifications are necessary by googling which country they operate in, as well as the laws of said country. Reading a majority of the reviews and taking them into account is incredibly important as well since they will ultimately weigh towards a casino's overall credibility. People share their experiences online for a reason, but both negative and positive accounts can be faked. For this reason, it's very important not to trust just one or two people's very poor or very solid experiences.

Certificates will ultimately be the deciding factor on if a casino is legal and to be trusted, however. They exist as a sort of seal to let people know that they are consistently regulated and watched over by the proper authorities or commissions.